01: Atoms 02: Periodic Table / Elements 03: Chemical Bonds 04: Nomenclature 05: Structures of Matter 06: Substances of the environment 07: Chemical Reactions 08: Reactions in Equilibrium 09: Acid-base-reactions 10:Redox reactions 11: Carbon chemistry 12: Biochemistry 13: Qualitative analysis 14: Quantitative analysis 15: Chemical Industry

Welcome to this Chemistry Course

This chemistry self-study course is meant for different groups and persons:
  1. High school pupils, preparing for exams
  2. Chemistry teachers who are a bit unsecure
  3. University students who feel a lack of chemistry knowledge.
  4. Everyone interested in chemistry
This course has 16 modules;
(2 of them under construction)
    Every module has:
  1. text, images, graphs and tables.
  2. questions and exercises, some of them with answers.
  3. don't forget to consult the Glossary.
To study one of the modules, you should have a certain basic knowledge of chemistry.
Of course, you can try and see.

So you might have to write a chemistry exam or a test about any of the chemistry subjects, than use this course for free.
It will help you a lot.

Very good luck!