Double and triple bonds

3-hexene (with a double bond)

Question 20
  1. consult tabel IV and VI and find the next data:
    1. table IV: the inter-atomic distances of covalent bonding types
    2. table VI: the bonding energies of covalent bondings
  2. Copy from this tables the information about the bonds: C - C, C = C, C ≡ C;
  3. Put those data in a diagramme and make a graph.
    The x-axes of this graph shows the three bondings and the y-axes shows the distances as well as the energies.
    then you get two different graphs in one scheme.
  4. Look well and draw your conclusions.
  5. Make an estimation of distance and energy of a C ... C bond in the benzene ring.

Question 21
Is the following statement true?
"In a triple bond, e.g. in acetylene (= ethyne) 2 C-atoms share a total of 6 electrons."
Explain your answer.