Start chemie Afrika schrijfsels leuke ideeŽn 70 jr

Daan van Alten


februari 2017
You have elected a brainless cowboy to be your boss, to rule your country. What has happened to you people? What did you expect? You will find out the consequences, may be to late.

Recently de brainless cowboy decided to delete the control rules for Banks. The cowboy himself is one of the richest persons in your country. You Americans have given him and his fellow billionaires most of the money that you had printed to be used by all citizens. More than half of you, Americans, are poor and nevertheless you have become member of the free-market-religion. What happened to you?
The cowboy belongs to the species that openly and scrupulously dared to put: Greed is good! Americans, your majority seems to call himself 'Christian'. Did you forget the Christian notion: greed is the root of all evil? What has poisoned you people?

Now you have made it all worse: Not only you have handed over all your money to the billionaires, you have given the power to them too. So your future is absolutely clear now: they will make sure that they continue to possess money and power. Americans, you will never again have wealth nor power. You will remain poor. You will have to be the laborers, the slaves, working from the early morning until the late evening and having a couple of dollars, or having no work or income at all.