analysis of gases

A gas sometimes can be regognizes with color or smell.
determining reactions to gases:
  1. if in a colorless, odorless gas a glowing wood splint starts to glow extra clearly, then this gas must be oxygen.
  2. Carbon dioxyde makes lime water trouble, because calcium carbonate is produced.
  3. If a gas turns white Led acetate paper into black, then that gas is probably Hydrogensulfide (3) (and probably you did already smell it).
  4. Ammonia gas will color a red litmus paper to blue, or gives with HCl(g) a white smoke.
  5. If a gas decolors Bromine water or Iodine solution, then this gas must be a reducing gas (for example SO2) but: it can also indicate addition, and then the gas was a small and unsaturated compound.
  6. A number of ases are inflamable, like Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons.